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When it comes to the aesthetical appearance of the exterior of a building, Stucco is an excellent choice for exterior cladding system.

Unfortunately, whether like it or not, the substrate failures that caused by relatively small cracks can be substantial at times due to the lack of drainage system and expansion joint. Therefore, any cracks in stucco cladding exterior wall should be addressed regardless the size of it sooner rather than later. A significant amount of water could penetrate through smallest breaks that can be imagined and can cause irrevocable damage if it is left unrepaired for a long time. A failure in stucco cladding exterior wall usually imperceptible and it will cause extensive damage to the substrate and framing structure far before noticeable. Exterior stucco system should never adversely affect the integrity of the structure when the stucco material is undamaged and applied properly. It would be very stressful for homeowners when it needs to be redone after a significant investment was made due to the defective application of the material.

At Economic Roofing, Inc., we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and offer service to commercials as well as homeowners. We are highly experienced for more than 20 years in stucco cladding system for new and repair. When a problem occurs, a thorough invasive inspection is imperatively necessary by a certified home inspector. Detailed information will be provided to render complete understanding for underlying of the issue to the homeowner, and all problems will be repaired appropriately as per inspection findings.

Our experts can help you select the best stucco materials, colors, and designs for your property and the functional considerations of climate and seasonal changes as well.

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Our experts can help you select the best option for seasonal changes.
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